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About allmuze
allmuze is an
audio based social network
Allmuze makes using audio easy and simple - this empowers people to create interesting and unique things. We’ll help you discover, follow and enjoy this interesting and unique content, and we’ll help other people find and follow yours.
Easy to consume content
anywhere & anytime
Always wanted to reach the news on demand while driving your car? Listen to the amazing jokes or blog posts you are following? Audio is the only medium that allows you to multitask, , and allmuze is the only audio app that is customized to help you achieve that.
Easy to
create content
We made it really easy for you to create and post whatever you like: record stories, publish updates, remix music, post tweets, jokes, poetry, talk shows and everything else. Not only that, with allmuze tools you can add sound effects, change your voice and convert text to speech automatically
YOU are our
main focus
You decide what your feed looks like, not algorithms and robots. We let you customize your feeder - so that you will not miss anything that interest you